Arthur Bowler writes in English and in German. His writing in English has appeared internationally in the King Features Syndicate and in many bestselling books. In German he has written for several newspapers in Switzerland including the «Berner Zeitung» and the humor magazine «Nebelspalter». He is the author of the bestseller «Ein Schweizer ohne Ordner ist wie ein Cowboy ohne Hut» Cosmos Verlag. His second book in German is entitled «Das Leben ist kein Toaster - Wahr und Frechheiten» also published by Cosmos.

In English he is a contributing author to ten books of the Nr. 1 New York Times Bestselling «Chicken Soup for the Soul» series as well as the following books:

A complete book of his writing in English is planned. The above mentioned books can be found or ordered in bookstores, or for personally autographed copies, directly through Arthur. For readings, contact Cosmos Verlag or the author directly.

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